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'Simply Malta' - Small Group Tour

Type: Malta Guided Tours
MAX. 16
This wonderful tour includes stunning scenery, the beautiful azure crystal clear sea, ancient towns and insight to an islands rich culture and heritage.
'Simply Malta' - Small Group Tour
  • Half Day Tour
  • Visiting Blue Grotto, Mdina Medieval City,
    Rabat, Girgenti Valley & Dingli Cliffs
  • Tour starts/ends in Valletta & Cruise Terminal
  • Accompanied by Licensed Tour Guide
  • FREE cancellation if you are prevented from travelling to Malta due to a COVID 19 issue


May 8, 30
June 12, 18, 19, 21, 26
July 6, 16, 19, 24, 30
August 9, 18, 25, 26, 29
September 8, 13, 18, 23, 25
October 6, 8, 16, 17, 19, 20, 24, 27, 28
November 6, 12


Start at 0800hrs/Return at 1200hrs on:
October 28

Start at 0900hrs/Return at 1300hrs on:
May 8, 30 June 18, 19, 21 July 16, 19, 24 August 25, 26 September 8, 13, 23, 25 October 6, 16, 17, 19, 24, 27 November 12

Start at 0945hrs/Return at 1345hrs on:
October 20

Start at 1400hrs/Return at 1800hrs on:
June 12, 26 November 6

Start at 1430hrs/Return at 1830hrs on:
June 26 July 6, 30 August 9, 18, 29 September 18 October 8

This wonderful tour includes stunning scenery, the beautiful azure crystal clear sea, ancient towns and insight to an islands rich culture and heritage.

We start our day with a visit to the south of the island and the beautiful Wied iz-Zurrieq, famous for the magnificent Blue Grotto. This tiny hamlet sits in a valley and has a very picturesque harbour. The grotto and neighbouring system of sea caves are home to brilliant phosphorescent marine life. The 25-minute boat trip explores the incredible beauty of this natural wonder and is a "must-do". This optional boat trip is only eur8 adults, eur4 for children.

As you travel during the next part of this tour, your guide will explain the importance of the Girgenti Valley. Girgenti is a shaded fertile valley renowned for its orchards and cultivated fields. The ecosystem here is maquis, so it is green all year round. Citrus and other fruit trees thrive in the valley beneath the surrounding ridge. The old picturesque farmsteads are the homes of the local farming community who still work the fields and cultivate the orchards. On a spur overlooking the valley stands the summer palace of the Inquisitors built by Monsignor Visconti in 1625. Nowadays it is the official residence of our Prime Minister. Our journey via Girgenti will take us the west coast of the island.

Stretching for some 4km along the west coast are the Dingli Cliffs. These cliffs have vertical or near-vertical rock faces rising from the sea to heights of up to 200m above sea level. Some of the steep slopes are terraced and this unique feature together with the expanse of the deep blue Mediterranean sea provide stunning views. Here will stop at the small 18th-century chapel which sits on the cliffs for a superb view and an ideal photo opportunity.

Our next stop will take you back in time and we start with the old town of Rabat. This charming town has strong ties with the Roman era and the visit of St. Paul AD60. Here we will take a short stroll from the central piazza through the quaint streets, where you can admire the old houses, alleys, traditional balconies amongst other typical old town characteristics. Our historical walk continues to what we consider ours as our 'pride and joy', the fairy tale city of Mdina. Mdina which is a medieval city Mdina is built on a plateau in the centre of the island, the city's old Baroque buildings, Cathedral and magnificent bastion walls dominate the rural skyline. Mdina, once the capital of Malta until the modern city of Valletta was built had many names including Melite (Roman occupation), Medina (Arabic occupation), Citta Notabile (Knights of St. John) and Citta Vecchia (after Valletta was built). Today it is also referred to as the Silent City since it inspires tranquillity at any time of the day or night. The only way to really experience and enjoy this city is on foot, explore the quaint alleys, narrow streets, ancient buildings and magnificent far-reaching views from the high bastion walls.

At this stage, our tour comes to an end and we make our way back to the cruise terminal and Valletta

Additional Information

Tour Type
Half Day/4 hour Tour
Small-Group Tour - max. group size is 16 passengers plus guide and driver
What is Included
Transport, accompanied by a licensed tour guide
Blue Grotto Info
The optional Blue Grotto boat trip is not included in the tour rate. Allow €8/adults, €4/children which is to paid directly to the boat operators.

Access to join the boat trip is down a steepish hill. Whilst this is not a problem for most people electric cabs are available to take you up and down the road, if required, these are available at a cost of €1 per person each way. 
Getting in and out of the boats is similar to stepping in and out of a bathtub, boat staff are on hand to assist.

Boat trips operate subject to suitable weather conditions 

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€53.00 Adult
€45.00 Child (11yrs and under)
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Price Includes
Pick up/Drop off (from Valletta/Cruise Terminal)
Tour transport accompanied by Licensed Tour Guide