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6 Day Tour - Best of Malta & Gozo

Type: Multi Day Guided Tours
This 6 day coach group tour includes ancient temples, the fortified cities of Mdina, Birgu and Valletta, quaint villages in the south, Blue Grotto and the island of Gozo
6 Day Tour - Best of Malta & Gozo
  • Guaranteed scheduled departures
  • Accompanied by Licensed Tourist Guide
  • Pick up/Drop off included
  • Includes entrance fees, ferry fare to/from Gozo Island, lunch, wine tasting and more
  • FLEXI Cancellation


Tours depart every week, starting on Tuesday or Saturday


Daily start time between 0800hrs and 0900hrs depending on pick up location
Tours starting on Saturday will end on Tuesday and tours starting on Tuesday will end on Sunday

Please Note! The order in which you will do the itinerary may change to how it is listed below

Tour 1: Ancient Temples of Malta
(Duration is 4/5 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

Malta and Gozo Islands are home to a variety of megalithic structures, seven of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our half-day tour is a mere insight into a fascinating era dominated by Neolithic man and during this tour, our guide will unfold an ancient history dating back a staggering 5000years.

Our first visit is to the Hagar Qim Temple Complex which includes Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples. Before entering the temples we start at the new visitors centre which will help you understand how these magnificent temples were built over 5000 years ago! We then continue with a tour of the Hagar Qim Temple. This temple has the largest and heaviest megaliths out of all the temple sites around the Maltese Islands, some slabs weighing a staggering 20 tons. Also forming part of this temple complex is the Mnajdra Temple which lies tucked on a slope in the cliffs, overlooking the tiny isle of Filfla. This site is probably the most atmospheric of all Malta’s temples and during the Equinox, on March 20 and September 22, the rays of the sun pass directly through the temple’s main doorway and light up the main axis. The rays of the sun during the Solstices light up the summer table and the winter table alternately.

We proceed with our tour to Ghar Dalam Cave. The Ghar Dalam Cave is a highly important site as it was here that the earliest evidence of human settlement on Malta, some 7,000 years ago, was discovered. This huge cavern is 144 metres deep, but only the first 80 metres are accessible. The lowermost layers date back to the Pleistocene Age (180,00 years ago) and to the end of the last Ice Age (16,000 years ago) and contained the fossilised bones of dwarf elephants, hippopotami, red deer, bear, fox, wolf, micro-mammals and birds.
At this stage, our tour comes to an end and we make our way back.

Tour 2: Blue Grotto & Marsaxlokk Fishing Village
(Duration is 5/6 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

This popular Sunday morning tour focuses on the south of the island and we start with a visit to the beautiful Wied iz-Zurrieq, famous for the magnificent Blue Grotto. This tiny hamlet sits in a valley and has a very picturesque harbour. The grotto and neighbouring system of sea caves are home to brilliant phosphorescent marine life and you can explore these stunning sites on the 25-minute boat trip which explores the incredible beauty of this natural wonder, it really is a must-do. The boat trip is optional and you should allow €10 for adults and €5 for children if you would like to do it. Tour participants that do not want to join the boat trip can grab a drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery or browse around the small outlets.

We then continue to our next stop, en route we will pass some interesting locations until we reach the pretty fishing village of Marsaxlokk. The fishing community still thrives today, in fact, most residents are still actively involved. Other typical characteristics of Marsaxlokk include the low lying buildings which line the picturesque waterfront and the colourful traditional fishing boats called the "luzzu", hundreds of them fill the bay. On Sunday, a 'locals' market expands the whole of the waterfront and this market attracts many locals, this is a fabulous opportunity for you to mix and mingle with them.  If markets are not your thing, you can visit one of the many outlets and try something typical of this locality.

At this stage, our tour comes to an end and we make our way back.

Tour 3: Gozo Island
(Duration is 8/9 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

We transfer to the Cirkewwa terminal located in the north of Malta to board our ferry for a short ferry crossing to the island of Gozo. During the crossing, you will pass the smaller island of Comino and you will notice the top of the high rugged cliffs stands the Santa Maria Fort which was used during the movie 'Count of Monte Cristo' (filmed 2002). Our ferry crossing lasts only 25 minutes and on arrival, we join the guide and tour transport for our tour of Gozo.

You will immediately notice that Gozo is much greener and has certain characteristics making it different from the larger island of Malta. We start our tour with a visit to the shrine of Ta'Pinu (dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu). This important church is set in a stunning location, on the edge of a ridge in open countryside and provides beautiful views of the surrounding area. The church is also linked to a number of 'miracles' that you will discover during your visit.

We continue to our next stop and the area known as 'Dewjra'. Here you will see three interesting geological sites including Dwejra Bay and the Inland Sea which is a lagoon of seawater that has access to the open sea through a small arch-like tunnel. You can take a small boat trip around the inland sea and through the tunnel (the cost of the boat trip is not included in the tour rate, allow €4 per person if you would like to do this and if time allows). Another of Dwejra's geological delights is the Admiral's Rock or as it is better known, Fungus Rock. A special plant is said to grow here which has various medical cures for conditions such as dysentery, bleeding and impotence.

Just before our lunch break, we will visit the Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village where you can view local handmade pottery, mouth-blown glass, Gozo lace and silver filigree. This shortstop is ideal if you want to pick up a souvenir or just a short rest stop before you settle down for lunch.

After lunch in the main city which is locally called Rabat but you are likely to know it as Victoria, we will take a short walk through this busy little city to join a trackless train for a short trip up the steep hill to the fortified Cittadella. The Cittadella is a small walled city within the city of Victoria, only a small number of families still live within the walls. This historical fortified city has recently undergone major restoration works and you can visit the new visitors centre, explore quaint alleys or stroll around the walls enjoying amazing views of the island from the high bastions.

The final part of our tour of Gozo will take us through some of the villages, en route we will stop at the Qala Belvedere. This stop gives you an amazing scenic view of the landscape cascading down to the coast and in the distance the smallest island of Comino and the larger island of Malta...all in one photo.

At this stage, our tour is coming to an end and we will make our way back to the ferry for our return to Malta and transport you back to the drop off point.

Tour 4: Three Cities & Winery
(Duration is 4/5 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

The Three Cities of Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa are located to the south of Valletta and form part of the magnificent Grand Harbour. These cities have endured so much in the past including the Great Seige of 1565 against the might of the Ottoman Empire and of course endless bombardments during WWII. This short half-day tour is a mere introduction to these unique cities, their history, heritage and people.

The Threes Cities are located inside fortifications known as the 'Cottonera Lines' which were built by the Knights of St. John to protect these cities during the 17th and 18th centuries. We start our tour with a visit to Senglea. Senglea was built on a peninsula and could only be accessed by a bridge on one side and from the sea on the other three sides. As you enter the city you will notice the magnificent church which is dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady. Today Senglea is flanked on one side by a shipyard, on the other side the stunning yacht marina and at the point of the city, one can enjoy magnificent views of the harbour.

As soon as you leave Senglea you will immediately arrive in the second of the three cities, Cospicua. The history of this ancient maritime city can be traced back to the Phoenicians era in 600 BC. The Knights of St. John built the first Dock Yard during the 18th century, however, it was during the British rule in Malta (1800 to 1964) that Cospicua was used extensively by the Royal Navy. Today the old dockyard area has been transformed into a beautiful marina and a new university.

The last of the Three Cities and undoubtedly the oldest and most important is Vittoriosa. Otherwise and more commonly known as Birgu, the history of Birgu is heavily linked to the Knights of St. John. In 1530 when the Knights first arrived they made Birgu the capital. They fortified the area and built their Palazzo's, hospital, churches and the castle of St. Angelo, this large fortification was separated from the main city of Birgu connected only by a draw bridge. Today, it is known as Fort St. Angelo and is still commands a prominent place at the heart of the Grand Harbour. The Birgu waterfront, once lined with Galley's nowadays is lined with superyachts from all over the world!

The final part of this tour includes a visit to one of the oldest wineries. Winemaking in Malta dates back many many years and we will visit these 400-year-old cellars where you can experience some authentic  Maltese heritage. You can sample some wines during the visit.

Tour 5: Mdina Medieval City, Mosta Dome & Artisans/Crafts Village
(Duration is 4/5 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

This tour includes some of central Malta's highlights and our first stop includes a visit to the town of Mosta. Dominating the central piazza is the Rotunda church, more commonly known as Mosta Dome. It is probably the most famous church in Malta, mainly because of its large dome which is the fourth largest unsupported dome in Europe. For many visitors, the most fascinating feature of this church was the World War II incident when during an air raid a bomb pierced the dome and fell inside the church during a service which was attended by 300 locals, but the bomb failed to explode and this the locals hailed as a miracle. You can visit the sacristy which displays the events and houses a replica of the bomb.
Our next stop is the Ta'Qali Village. Ta'Qali was once the British RAF base in central Malta, this old airfield is now home to our National Football Stadium, a  National park, conventions centre and Crafts Village which houses an array of artisans. Here we can view the local crafts and it is also the ideal place to purchase some gifts from a good selection of locally made pottery and ceramics, filigree and jewellery, cane works, stone and much more. Do not miss out on the glassblowers – decorative glass made in the traditional manner by hand and mouth; also etching and crystal cutting.
Our final visit is to the medieval city of Mdina. Mdina is built on a plateau in the centre of the island, the city's old Baroque buildings, Cathedral and magnificent bastion walls dominate the rural skyline. Mdina, once the capital of Malta until the modern city of Valletta was built had many names including Melite (Roman occupation), Medina (Arabic occupation), Citta Notabile (Knights of St. John) and Citta Vecchia (after Valletta was built). Today it is also referred to as the Silent City since it inspires tranquillity at any time of the day or night. The only way to really experience and enjoy this city is on foot, explore the quaint alleys, narrow streets, ancient buildings and magnificent far-reaching views from the high bastion walls.
At this stage, our tour comes to an end and we make our way back.

Tour 6: Valletta & Malta Experience
(Duration is 4 hours depending on pick up/drop off location)

During our tour of Valletta, our guide will unfold the history of this magnificent city which was built by the Knights of St. John during the 16th and 17th centuries. Valletta is often referred to as one big open-air museum and this is evident as you start to explore it and discover something different around every corner.
We start our walking tour of Valletta at the Upper Barraka Gardens which offer stunning views of the Grand Harbour and magnificent fortifications, a walk down the main streets where you can admire numerous historical buildings built by the Knights of St. John including the Auberges, Palazzos, the Grand Master's Palace and the St. John's Co. Cathedral, the Church of the Order and also home to Caravaggio's masterpiece "Beheading of St. John" amongst other treasures. We include an internal tour of the cathedral before proceeding to our final visit to the Malta Experience which is a superb 45-minute show illustrating the history of the Maltese Islands - from Neolithic to modern times. The show is displayed on a giant screen by means of state of the art visual and audio effects.
At this stage, our tour comes to an end and we make our way back.

Additional Information

Tour Type
You will be joining tours that operate on a weekly schedule. The number of passengers may change on a daily basis, on some tours there may be only 10 passengers, others may have up to 45 passengers. 
Transport Type
Air-conditioned van or coach
What is Included
Pick up and drop off, accompanied by a *licensed tourist guide, **ferry fare to/from Gozo Island, trackless train trip, winery tour including wine tasting, lunch during the Gozo Island tour and entrance into Hagar Qim Temples & Visitors Centre, Tarxien Temples, Ghar Dalam Cave, Mosta Dome, St. John's Co. Cathedral and the audiovisual Malta Experience.

*This tour is offered in various languages, therefore your tour guide may deliver commentary in more than one language

**Children aged 3 or 4 years pay for the ferry fare on the day of the tour, the charge is only €1.15
Blue Grotto Info
The optional Blue Grotto boat trip is not included in the tour rate. Allow €10/adults, €5/children which is to paid direct to the boat operators.

Access to join the boat trip is down a steepish hill. Whilst this is not a problem for most people electric cabs are available to take you up and down the road, if required, these are available at a cost of €1 per person each way. 
Getting in and out of the boats is similar to stepping in and out of a bathtub, boat staff are on hand to assist.

Boat trips operate subject to suitable weather conditions.

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Pick up and drop off, accompanied by a licensed tourist guide, *ferry fare to/from Gozo Island, trackless train trip, winery tour including wine tasting, lunch during the Gozo Island tour, and entrance fees into Hagar Qim Temples & Visitors Centre, Tarxien Temples, Ghar Dalam Cave, Mosta Dome, St. John's Co. Cathedral and the audiovisual Malta Experience.

*Children aged 3 or 4 years pay for the ferry fare on the day of the tour, the charge is only €1.15